Winter on the Credit

Minus 17 C on the thermometer. Denise and I bundled up for a chilly hike in Erindale Park. Denise brings nuts and seeds for the chickadees. When we get there, we see lots of people braving the cold to goof around on the toboggan hill. Others shuffling along on xc skiis. Even a few hardy souls fishing.

A very fine snow is falling. There are ducks gathering by the remaining open leads on the river.

The chickadees are accustomed to people feeding them and have become quite bold. Denise grabs a handful of seed,  and within seconds, several of them are taking turns grabbing a snack from her outstretched hand.

There is evidence of a lot of damage from the recent ice storm. The tangled masses of roots and branches and snow formations are intriguing. Not much in the way of colour, though.  Going through the photos this evening,  Not sure yet if there is material for a painting here or not.

Rapids on the Credit Denise w Chickadee Denise w Chickadee 2

The Red Satchel

This is a similar motif to the Monday night demonstration (in fact the source material came from the same evening’s photo shoot), but taking a little more time for a more finished piece.  The painting was completed in two sessions- the under-painting completed on the Saturday and the piece then finished on the Sunday. A total of perhaps 8 hours.

I tried using alkyds for the under-painting this time instead of acrylics. They remain open for longer than the acrylics, leaving you some time to work wet-on-wet but at the same time they are generally dry enough next day to carry on with over-layer as long as you don’t allow the paint build up.

I work quite quickly anyway, so I am not sure yet if there is much to be gained from the alkyd-based under-painting, but it certainly gives you an opportunity to do things – like lifting or scraping (“scraffito”) – that would not generally be possible with the acrylics. I will work with them for a while to see if anything develops.

The painting was completed using my regular oils.

The Red Satchel, Queen & University

“The Red Satchel, Queen & University”

Oil on Canvas, 30 X 30