Demonstration 2

Support preparation

This is a stretched canvas, 24 x 24. This comes
from the store already primed, but I prefer to
apply another generous coat of gesso.
Sometimes, as shown here, I tint the gesso with
a some acrylic paint. This provides a more
sympathetic surface to start working on compared
with a stark white.

Keep the drawing as simple as possible. Invest too
much time and effort into the drawing and it may
become a prison. You need to keep things loose
to begin with so that you feel free to move things
around if necessary as the painting progresses.
Remember also that this is a utilitarian drawing- its
function is to give you a bit of guidance to get
you started on your painting. This is very different
from drawing as an art form in its own right.
The Ice Cream Vendor- oil painting demonstration by Dermot McKeown-Drawing